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About KUS

Vice President's Message


Transform KU : Together to the Future This is Korea University Sejong Campus, creating new value with its goals of the 2nd established academy to pioneer the next 100 years as a ‘creative education-practical research’ university.
I welcome you to Korea University Sejong Campus.Korea University Sejong Campus, founded in 1980, has developed and changed while overcoming considerable challenges and crises. Now, the Sejong Campus will make new value and lead a profound change through ‘creative education’ and ‘practical research’ to pioneer the next 100 years based on the challenges of the last 40 years.
Korea University Sejong Campus presents its future vision and strategy which are focused on three innovations to educate talented individuals who have expertise and abilities.
The first is “Education Innovation,” needed in the New Normal era. The second is “Research Innovation” to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The third is “Local Innovation,” to contribute to completion of the new capital area. Under a philosophy intended to draw out students’ potential, we organized an educational curriculum for students to possess digital literacy and Humanities education and pursue a new educational method that involves coaching students rather than the old method of teaching them.
The Sejong Campus established five new advanced departments to become a first mover of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and be at the forefront of training talent and conducting high-quality research to lead future industries. Also, we are constantly nurturing creative and talented individuals who can solve actual problems that our society confronts by operating eight research education teams for BK21 four-stage business.
The Sejong Campus has conducted many local cooperation activities to move forward as a central university in the new capital area by using our own human and material infrastructure. We recently launched a local contribution committee for the university and the region to discuss joint development and perform our duty and role to ‘grow with the region.’
Korea University Sejong Campus will take a step forward as a ‘practical research-creative education university’ to represent the Republic of Korea. Furthermore, we will promote the unique brand of ‘Korea University Sejong Campus’ by using our own advantages such as being the birthplace and center of convergence studies. I want you to join Korea University Sejong Campus on its developmental journey and give us your unwavering support.
Thank you.
Vice President of Korea University, Kim Young