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Graduate School of Public Administration

Graduate School of Public Administration

Hands-on Research and Specialty Education Graduate School of Public Administration

  • location
    Graduate School of Public Administration, Korea University, 971 Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea

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Introduction to Graduate School

The aim of Graduate School of Public Administration in Korea University is to foster official elites and governmental consultants specializing in organizational reforms, result management, strategic planning, policy analysis and evaluation, conflict management and cooperative governance. The school’s education is focused on developing professionals who, with hands-on experiences, have the ability to deal with various kinds of public agenda in a site-oriented way with a sound understanding of the latest theories of national policies and public administration.

  1. 1
    The master’s and doctoral degrees are divided into two departments.
    ① The Department of Public Administration (master’s / doctoral degree) aims to foster experts in public management with the specialty in result management of the government and public institutions, the renovation of cities and local governments, cooperative governance, and international development assistance. The essential parts of its curriculum include lectures which, with the help of the case-oriented study, specialize in organization diagnosis and renovation, strategic result management, human resource management, finance and budgetary control, innovation of public services, cooperation management among the government, private areas, central and local governments, better understanding of the administrative system of the developing countries for international and official development assistance, and national development strategies and management through the introduction of the administrative systems of the developed countries.
    ② The Department of Public Policy (master’s / doctoral degree) teaches the latest theories and analysis methods for policy analysis and planning, policy implement and management, and policy evaluation, and advanced education for developing specialty in policy areas such as economics, education, diplomacy and national security, and social welfare. The curriculum of the department is operated in a way to implement in-depth analysis of various policy agenda by a case study based on the theoretical understanding of policy process and find the most rational alternatives.
  2. 2
    Top Management Program has largely contributed to encouraging lifelong education for military personnel and journalists and making the human network. It has provided the best chance as for the graduate students to have a wide knowledge with high-level lectures by experts in several fields such as economics, business administration, sociology, culture, and arts, as well to form a very close bond and familiarity with college students with a number of programs inside and outside the country.