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Non-campus/National Scholarships

Scholarships are obtained from outside scholarship foundations, outside companies, organizations and philanthropists to help students with outstanding grades or students having financial difficulties, and over 190 scholarship benefits are provided including KU Alumni Scholarship.

1. Scholarship Application Method

Application Method & Timeline

- Application method and period varies by each college, so please inquire at the Academic Affairs Department of affiliated college.
- For colleges without special operation method, fill out the application (KU portal – Knowledge management – Administration – Student knowledge – Forms – Non-campus scholarship application and documents) within 1 month from the final exam period, and submit to Academic Affairs Department of affiliated college with documents.

Scholarship foundations based on open screening posts the notice immediately to homepage and bulletin board at the Academic Affairs Department upon receipt.

< Open screening scholarship by scholarship foundations >

KU Alumni Association, Soongduk Scholarship Society, Gibbun Woori Rehabilitation Center, Silla Cultural Scholarship Foundation, Sinyang Cultural Foundation, Yulrim Scholarship Foundation, Haiam Scholarhsip Foundation, Dooeul Scholarship Foundation, Hangyeongbuk-do Scholarship Foundation, Altwell Mincho Scholarship Foundation, Wuhak Foundation, KEB Nanum Foundation, Wooyang Scholarship Foundation, KOSFFL, STX Scholarship Foundation, RHOF, Mirae Asset (foreign exchange student scholarship), etc.

  • Qualifications for each foundation vary, so your application doesn’t mean recommendation or selection, and if you are recommended, Academic Affairs Department will contact you individually before semester begins.
  • If you are selected by the foundation after recommendation, the scholarship will be paid to the student account, and scholarship payment notice is mailed to your home. Send a thank you letter to the address indicated in the notice.

Selected students are obligated to attend meetings, scholarship ceremony and foundation events.
Scholarships of selected students should be paid to registered students, and students are obligated to register themselves.

2. Recommendations and Scholarship Confirmed

New recommendation

When an outside scholarship organization requests recommendation for scholarship, the dean of student affairs receives recommendations from the deans of colleges in consideration of the number of outside scholarship recipient. However, if the outside scholarship organization designates recipients (ex: hometown, class year, department, etc.), it shall be followed unless there are grounds for disqualification.

Replacement Recommendations

If grounds for disqualification occurred in an outside scholarship student, another student shall be recommended in replacement according to the scholarship organization regulations.

Continues Recommendations

According to the scholarship foundation, students without grounds for disqualification shall be recommended continuously.

Scholarship Confirmation

Students screened and recommended at this school are evaluated and selected by the scholarship foundation.

* Inquiry: Student Affairs Department/ Student Support (Non-campus Scholarship Staff) 02-3290-1104

3. Refer to KOSAF homepage for details on national scholarship