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Data Computational Sciences

Data Computational Sciences
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Development of industry-practical talents with
mathematical thinking!Data Computational Sciences

  • Location
    Science and Technology Building No.104A

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In the information-based big data society of the 21st century, the connectivity between high-tech fields and mathematics, such as finance mathematics, life science and technology, is strengthening, and as the high-tech industry advances, the importance of mathematics is becoming increasingly emphasized. The major of Data Computational Sciences major in the College of Science & Technology of Korea University reflects this current need and sets the following aims of education to produce graduates who have technical and industry-practical talents with the added benefit of mathematical thinking.

· Enhancing logical, empirical thinking and precise mathematical ability
· Training working-level mathematicians through industry adaptive projects
· Developing the curriculum for major convergence (융합복합형 전공) and producing convergence mathematicians (융합적 수학인)
· Developing readership through the cultivation of next-generation mathematicians.

Required Student Skills and Qualities

1. Logical analysis ability
Talented individuals who can clearly analyze and understand the problems they meet during their studies and reality with their mathematical logic and intellect, and are capable of suggesting efficient solutions to those problems.

2. Creative research ability
Talented individuals who can broaden their understanding through creative thinking during the process of researching the principles of both natural and social science.

3. Convergent solution ability
Talented individuals who can achieve common objectives in reality with excellent communication skills and the ability to mediate between opposing opinions.


Name Position Phone Number Email Field of Research Career
Lee KeSeung Professor 044-860-1312 kslee@korea.ac.kr Probability Theory Ph.D. Korea University, 1987, Ph.D. Nagoya University, 1990
Ahn Inkyung Professor 044-860-1315 anhnik@korea.ac.kr Applied Mathematics
(Differential Equations)
Ph.D. Kansas State University, 1993 
Lee KeeYoung Professor 044-860-1317 keyolee@korea.ac.kr Topology Ph.D. Korea University, 1987
Hwang Woonjae Professor 044-860-1318 woonjae@korea.ac.kr Numerical Analysis Ph.D. State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2000
Lee Taewon Associate
044-860-1313 taewon@korea.ac.kr Applied Mathematics Ph.D. State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2005
Lee YeonJu Assistant
044-860-1311 leeyeonju08@korea.ac.kr Approximation Theory Ph. D. Ewha Womans University, 2007
Oh Jungyong Assistant
044-860-1316 ojyhawk@korea.ac.kr Applied Mathematics and Probability Theory Ph.D. Korea University, 2007

Career Paths after graduation

After graduating from the Department of Applied Mathematical Sciences(수학과), students can go to graduate school, study abroad, or utilize their mathematical skills in the field by advancing to various areas such as research agencies, educational institutions, the IT industry, financial companies, and large corporations.

Current status of Division of Applied Mathematical Sciences graduates
- Finance/Insurance : ParkOO(11)[MetLife], YooOO(08)[National Credit Union Federation of Korea], KimOO(07)[Nonghyup], LeeOO(06)[KB Insurance], JangOO(05)[Woori Bank], HongOO(04)[HMC Investment Securities], LeeOO(01)[Samsung Securities]
- Teacher : KimOO(02)[Youngshin Middle School], HeoOO(01)[Jinju Dongmyoung High School], ChoiOO(00)[Daeil Foreign Language High School], SongOO(99)[Namyang High School], KimOO(97)[Seohyun High School], ChoiOO(96)[Somyong Girls' High School], KimOO(96)[Sookmyung Girls' High School],
- Professor : KimOO(97)[Kookmin University], ShinOO(94)[Inha University], KimOOYeop(88)[University of Suwon], RyuOO(90)[Cheongju University], SeoOO(86)[Kongju National University], JungOO(81)[Seonam University], ShinOO(99)[Korea University visiting professor], etc.
- Data Processing : KwonOO(01)[Korea Copyright Commission(한국저작권보호협회)], KoOO(99)[Neoiz], LeeOO(96)[SK networks], LeeOO(91)[Koscom], LeeOO(90)[Samsung Networks], ShinOO(89)[UNETsystem], AhnOO(85)[POSDATA], etc
- Business : ByunOO(08)[CJ], KimOO(02), ParkOO(06)[Samsung SDS], KimOO(05)[GSretail]. NoOO(00)[Hanwha Chemical], KwonOO(96)[Samsung Electronics], KimOO(96)[LG Electronics], KimOO(96)[Hyundai Heavy Industries]
- Others : BaekOO(00)[UN Economic Affairs Officer], ImOO(95)[Ministry of National Defense laboratory], JangOO(96)[Statistics Korea], LeeOO(03)[National Assembly Secretariat], OhOO(03)[NTS Yongin District Office], LeeOO(04)[Office of Education],
(* A select few from each area's graduates)