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Social Service

Korea University Social Service Group

Korea University Social Service Group of Working Intelligence, Thinking Leader and Societry Empwerer

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    Admission and Promotion Team, Second Floor of Administration Building

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Introduction to Social Service Group

The last 100 years of Korea University were the result of passionate and innovative practice opening the future of this nation and society beyond academic exploration. We have always thought first about our society and the spirit has heightened our pride and value. Now we aim higher to become the world's best university and the new intellectual for a bigger world based on our 100 years of history. Sharing what is possessed and spreading the benefit is the virtue of a leader and the responsibility of an intellectual.

The reason for existence of universities is not only academic. Their knowledge-based justice and morality will let the existence of intellectuals shine like gems. Now, we, people of Korea University aim to practice more effort and service for the entire world beyond the Republic of Korea with cold brain and warm heart.

Now, we pronounce the foundation of Korea University Social Service Group and its vision as a true global leader of genuine virtues and callings.

Vision of Social Service Group

  1. 01Become moral intelligence serving the human race and their society.
    People of Korea University have always grown together with the society and never spared effort and service for the future of human race. This proud tradition shall be succeeded. We will be reborn as intelligence of practice in the new era by interpreting the concept of service newly, thinking deeper and acting more quickly. Also, we will always bear noblisse oblige in our minds to serve all the people beyond class and generation and become a respected university that serves the society again.
  2. 02Become a global leader beyond national boundary.
    Korea University has always been with the nation since its foundation. Its responsibilities to enlighten the nation and lead the nation while suffering and rejoicing together have always been served. Now, we will move on to a greater world through innovation and tradition of building anew upon tradition. This way, in the new era, the world will be with us and stand with us. Korea University as the center of modernization, by then, will be the center of globalization. At the base of it, there will be our concern about and love for global culture and human race.
  3. 03Contribute to the future of our human race as intellectuals who practice.
    Our conscience and intelligence always get together for the greater value and we will put ideals into practice with passion and innovation for the human race and its future without a shame. Also, we will always remember that the universal compassion for the entire human race shall reach every corner of the earth. Now we will move from "Korea's representative university" to "the university at the center of the world". We will fulfill our responsibility for education, research and social service and in 2030 the 125th anniversary of Korea University, we will be the center of all universities of the world and the cradle of global leaders.