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The Students Council

The Students Council

The Students Council

  • location
    Students Union Building Room #316

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The Students Council of Korea University Sejong Campus started the activities in 1988. Now the 23rd Students Council is in operation. In 1979, Jochiwon branch was established and until the first Students Council kicked off, the representative was selected under the name of ‘President Group of Jochiwon University’ and it took part in the Korea University's Student Council as the representative of Jochiwon branch.

However, at that time, there was the government-run ‘the Student National Defense Corps’ which was established under the rule of President Jeon Duhwan to exterminate the groups of students. Hence, it was very difficult to reflect the students' needs and opinions in the activities of the Students Council. In this way, the requests of students at that time such as democratization were then put down by the same other students.

This brought about a strong call to establish an autonomous group through direct voting by students. In the mid and late 1980s, the movement to establish the Students Council was fervent. After the June Democracy Movement in 1987, an election took place in 1988 separately from Anam Campus for the first time. Until that time, the Students Council was not separate from Anam Campus but after the separate election, Seochang Campus' independent Students Council was founded.

Since then, there have been activities for development of Seochang Campus and the students. In 2006, the name was renamed from Seochang to Sejong.

The Students Council has continued solving various problems of the university by most effectively and reasonably representing the students to the university, society and government based on the spirit of freedom, justice and truth.

What is the Students Council?

The Students Council stands for eyes, voices, ears, hands and feet of the 6,000 students to make it short. The main body also consists of these 6,000 students. They are the solvers of even the smallest disputes on the campus. They collect opinions of students and represent them, working hard to practice the problem-solving process.

It is completely different from those bureaucratic organizations that we see in our society. The Student Council is a representative system rather than a relationship between Student President, other positions and rest of the students.

For this system to work, it requires students' voluntary opinions and active group-based activities (Departmental Students Union, circles and other small groups), meaning that the Students Council needs all others to be successful in their works.

The Students Council's Yearly Schedule

The Students Council's Yearly Schedule
(The Students Council Kickoff)
The new-year start of the Students Council is announced. The project plans and ideological routes are presented.
(4ㆍ18 Country-saving National Travel)
On April 18, 1960, 4,000 Korea University students fought against Seungman Rhee dictatorship and read the declaration, "Let's Raise High Our Torches to Win True Democratic Ideals" and marched to the National Assembly. Afterwards, in the return parade, some of the mysterious young people attacked the students and a few students bled and were severely injured. To remember such sacrifice, on April 18 every year, students make along march from Korea University to the 4.18 Democratization Movement Monument.
(Daedongje Festival, IPSELENTI, Korea University-Hongik University Competition)
Daedongje Festival: It is generally known as "University Festival". It means to become one. The festival originates from the determination to live as intellectuals in their own era rather than joining the vested interest in the 1970s.
IPSELENTI: IPSELENTI is an event uniting students from Anam and Sejong Campuses. Beautiful performance and cheerleading for Yonsei-Korea Competition will be held.
'Korea University-Hongik University Competition: This is the chance for exchange of students from both universities. They will get familiar with each other.
(Summertime Voluntary Activities Helping Rural Areas)
Summer Rural Area service is the flower of voluntary activities. Taking place for two weeks, the activities will turn the students' faces black after great labor. This helps students to experience farming and sow seeds in their hearts as farmers do.
(Korea University and Yonsei University Competition)
The Korea University-Yonsei University competition is divided into Campus 2 Competition and Sports Competition in Seoul. For the first year, Sejong Campus hosts the event three days before the latter and the second year event will be the hosted at Yonsei, which repeats. This is a yearly and very famous competition well-known amongst the nation.
(Colleges and Organizations Elect for The Students Council)
The next-year Students President and other positions are elected.