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    직위 또는 학위 : 교수

    Tel : 044-860-1456

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    연구분야 : 에너지 및 자원회수(Energy and material recovery from environmental system),
    하폐수처리(wastewater treatment)


  • Contact Information

    9-502 Department of environmental engineering

    sejong-ro 2511,

    sejong city 30019


    Phone: 044-860-1456

    Research interest

    Polar switchable solvent

    Solvent Extraction desalination

    Cell image base AI technology for micro-algae monitoring

    Chemical and biological transformation of refractory pollutants

    Bioenergy and biofuel production from waste and wastewater

    Fate of global warming gas (GHG) in water environment

    Application of nano-particles to environmental engineering field