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4,395 Students Apply for 24 Spots to Early Admission for College...

  • 2021-10-28
  • 홍보기금팀
  • HIT1741
4,395 Students Apply for 24 Spots to Early Admission for College...게시물의 첨부이미지

[A panoramic view of the main gate of Korea University Sejong Campus]


4,395 Students Apply for 24 Spots to Early Admission for College of Pharmacy of Korea University Sejong Campus



The College of Pharmacy recorded a 408.9:1 competition rate for an essay-type examination.

The total competition rate of 2022 new essay-type examinations was 16.5:1.


The total number of students who applied for 2022 Early Admission to the College of Pharmacy of Korea University Sejong Campus was 4,395, the largest number of applicants in the country.


Also, the competition rate of 2022 early admission increased compared to last year.


The Sejong Campus overall recorded a competition rate of 12.58:1 with 11,225 applicants for early admission in 2022, of which 892 new students are recruited. Compared to the competition rate of 11.41 from 2021 that saw 10,039 applicants for 880 open spots, both the competition rate and the number of applicants rose despite the slight increase of the number to be admitted.


The competition rate for the essay-type examination, newly established for the 2022 early admission, was 16.5:1 with a total of 6,881 applicants for 417 spots, which demonstrated the largest rate of all the early admission processes in the Sejong Campus.


Especially, the first-year recruitment for the College of Pharmacy recorded an astounding competition rate of 408.9:1, its highest in its 14 years since establishment. The college showed the highest competition rate of all the colleges which recruit for early admission this time because the total of 4,089 applicants applied through the essay-type examination of early admission, of which ten will be recruited.   


Following the essay-type examination, the competition rate for student record screening, through which the most people are selected, was 15:1. The rate increased significantly more than the rate of 12.47 from 2021. The Department of AI Cyber Security recorded the largest competition rate in the student record screening, which recruits four students, but the total of 243 applicants applied to it for a competition rate of 60.75:1.


The College of Pharmacy of Sejong Campus was established in 2011 with the purpose of cultivating talented individuals with executive abilities and global communication capabilities who are ready to meet 21st century demands. Two years after its establishment, it took 66th place in the field of pharmacy in the World University Evaluation hosted by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a British university rating agency. In recent QS evaluations, it has remained in the top 100 and truly proved itself to be a leading college in the field of pharmacy.  


Besides, based on the excellent faculty and researchers, a considerable amount of research is being conducted. It has been shown that the College of Pharmacy leads national health care by building capacity to respond to the infectious disease since it was recently selected in the development project for a 2021 core technology platform for responding to new varieties and strains of infectious diseases.


As Kim Sangho, director of the Office of Admissions and Public Relations explained, “In accordance with the College of Pharmacy’s transition to offering a six-year course curriculum, applicants flocked to the College during first-year student selection for the Sejong Campus. Based on the single recruitment unit, it recorded the highest number of applicants in the country.”


He added, “The essay-type examination had a high competition rate of 16.5:1 even under the pressure of it being the first implementation of such an exam, and the student record screening went up by nearly 24.7% compared to last year due to the many applicants for all the departments. This implies that the Sejong Campus is highly preferred by students in spite of the student reduction challenges being experienced by the country.


The competition rates by screening process in the 2022 early admission were as follows: 16.5:1 for the essay-type examination; 15:1 for student record screening; 6.4:1 for future talent selection; 6.41:1 for regional talent selection; 7.12:1 for farming and fishing village selection; 2.81:1 for the social contributor selection; 3.6:1 for the physical education talent selection; and 4.17:1 for the global sports talent selection.


Inquiries: Korea University Sejong Campus Admissions Team (044-860-1900)


KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Translator: Yang Hayoung

Editor: Conrad Brubacher

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