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Family Corporate ‘Ace Club’ Creates New Joint Policy to Accelera...

  • 2022-10-30
  • 홍보기금팀
  • HIT102
Family Corporate ‘Ace Club’ Creates New Joint Policy to Accelera...게시물의 첨부이미지


Family Corporate ‘Ace Club’ Creates New Joint Policy to Accelerate Operation of Industry-University-Research Cooperation

*Photo: From the left, CEO Oh Jeonghwan of corporation GEO2 Information Technology, Vice President Kim Young, and Head of Research and Business Cooperation Jeon Hyunsik.


Korea University Sejong Campus has created a new policy for family corporation ‘Ace Club’ and is accelerating cooperative operation in the area of Industry-University-Research.


Korea University Sejong Campus held its first certificate awarding event on September 19 at the vice president’s reception room with one of the family corporations in Ace Club, corporation GEO2 Information Technology.


The Family Corporation system allows universities and corporations to share human and material resources.


Through this system, universities can connect graduates to family corporations by considering the corporations’ demand and adjusting their education programs accordingly. Meanwhile, corporations can increase technological competitiveness by joint R&D and technology transfer and securing an outstanding workforce early on.


Korea University Sejong Campus has been managing this family corporation system by completing a technological innovation virtuous cycle structure, leading to mutual development among the university and corporations and local corporation development.


Within the 422 family corporations who have joined the agreement, corporations who pay an annual payment of one million won to fifty thousand won will be selected to join the Ace Club. Corporations who have newly joined the Ace Club consist of 26 corporations including corporation GEO2 Information Technology.


Companies who join the Ace Club will benefit from the conducting of technology demand surveys, joint research, cooperation arrangement between family companies, priority occupancy of industry-academia facilities, and priority use of school equipment, to name a few. Additionally, given that LINC 3.0 continues to move forward, it is anticipated that the number of family businesses linked with Ace Club will continue growing as well.  


Korea University Sejong Campus intends to systematically run the new Ace Club subscription system in order to actively cooperate on the mutual development of institutions and businesses.


Vice President Kim Young stated, "The value of industry-academia cooperation is receiving more attention than ever before." He declared, "We will make the most of this time to further solidify the cooperation link between the school and family businesses.”


KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Student Reporter: Cha soohyun

Photographer: Kim Minseong

Translator: Lim Eunhee

Editor: Conrad Brubacher

Attached file