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<Dereka’s life> What Is ITS?

  • 2016-05-31
  • 홍보전략팀
  • HIT628
<Dereka’s life> What Is ITS?게시물의 첨부이미지

Dereka’s life: What Is ITS?

Many students at Korea University have absolutely no idea what ITS is or that it event exists! ITS stands for "International Town of Sejong." It is a language and culture exchange program that is beneficial to both international students and Korean students. International students are benefited with living in a different environment and learning the Korean language, while the Korean students learn the language and customs of the international students without leaving their home country.

The ITS program coordinator, Alexandra Balobeshkina, was able to explain the application process and payments for Korean students interested in the program. "Korean students pay for dormitory, meals and pay participation fees," she said.

The application requires Korean students to fill out general information and write an introduction about their selves. After the students applications are reviewed, students are then selected for an interview to help match them with the best exchange student to share rooms with.
"The cost altogether is around 1,300,000₩; but if the students comply with all performances they will get a 50% reimbursement," Alexandra explained.

The ITS Program involves many different performances, such as Korean students completing appendixes. The appendixes are forms that document plans and accomplishments for each month on learning and improving English speaking skills with the help of the exchange students. The students are supposed to complete at least four hours per week of learning English with exchange student as a part of the appendix requirements as well.
Korean students are also required to form and participate in clubs as part of the ITS Program. “The Korean and the exchange students get to make up these clubs and each club gets funded every month by the school so they can do different activities relevant to their group,” explained the program coordinator.

This semester only five clubs were created- the Culture Club, Movie Club, Sports Club, Volunteer Club, and Travel Club. These clubs give all the ITS students a cultural experience and more opportunities to bond and get to know each other. "The ITS program is a very convenient way to learn the language without leaving country, “explained the program coordinator. " The program allows students to get out of their shell, meet new people and get a perspective of the world." When speaking with KU senior, Shin Kyuseob, he stated, "I'm happy with the ITS program because I have many chances to meet foreign students and I can live in a dorm with an exchange student."

Apparently the dorm living arrangements is the most beneficial part of the program according to most students. Yoojin Lee, a sophomore at KU also mentioned being benefited by having a foreign roommate. "I can start my day with English and finish with English. Also when I’m in my room doing my assignments, I can ask my roommate questions whenever I want."

Yoojin further explained how she is able to learn deeper and more about culture difference because of the program. ITS is a great program to widen the minds of students and experience a different culture within the comfort of their own country. To find more information about the exchange program, visit the international office on the first floor of Nong Shim Hall. There you can speak with the program coordinator, Alexandra and the General Manager, Mr. Kang or the Director, Mr. Art E Cho about interests.

Written by Dereka K. Bennett

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