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<Dereka's life> Introducing Easter to Korea

  • 2016-08-03
  • 홍보전략팀
  • HIT346
<Dereka's life> Introducing Easter to Korea게시물의 첨부이미지
ITS- Introducing Easter to Korea

Sharing cultural differences is a big part of the International Town at Sejong (ITS) program here at Korea University. Unlike here in Korea, many Westerners celebrate a holiday called Easter. It's a holiday that acknowledges fertility, new life, the beginnings of the spring season and flowers blossoming. It's the holiday that praises a big white fluffy bunny that hops around with a basket filled with eggs. Given the fact that Koreans do not have a holiday similar to Easter that celebrates spring, it's was very interesting how the students reacted when introducing the holiday. 

Me and a few other ITS members, helped put together and Annual Easter Party on April 1st. We held the event outside where the weather was sunny and slightly breezy. There was music, food and plenty of beverages to go around.

We introduced many Easter holiday activities to the Korean students such as egg hunting, sack racing, and egg painting. Many Korean students weren't too pressed to participate in these activities until we demonstrated them first or selected random people to participate. Once they saw and understood the concept of the races and activities, they were more willing to join in on the fun.

For the egg hunt, a few of the foreign ITS students hid colored eggs around the tiger mountain behind the library center on campus. The Korean and other foreign students were then divided into four teams of three and had to find the eggs that matched the color they were assigned. The first team to retrieve all their eggs won a huge prize of candy.

The sack races are also an event where students had to race each other by jumping in plastic bags. In the real sack races people use old potato sacks, but the plastic bags during this event were a little more entertaining. The plastic bags ripped while many were in the middle of racing, making it a humorous event to watch. There was also a candy prize for the first and second place winners of the race.

Egg painting was the final event where students would take freshly boiled eggs and paint them with food coloring. The eggs would be left for display as they dried then later the students would come back and eat the eggs. 

These activities created a way for foreigners like myself and the Korean students to bond and exchange cultural differences in a fun way. Much laughter was exchanged throughout this event. Most of the Korean students participating in the ITS program agreed that the egg painting was the best part of the party. We got the chance to eat, drink and chat with one another while getting our hands messy at the same time.

Based upon the positive reactions and excitement towards the Easter Party concludes that the event was a success and will continue to be celebrated every year by ITS members. To find more pictures from the Annual Easter Party event look for The International Town at Sejong Facebook page!

Written by: Dereka K. Bennett