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<Dereka's life> Oneam Folk Village

  • 2016-08-03
  • 홍보전략팀
  • HIT379
<Dereka's life> Oneam Folk Village게시물의 첨부이미지

ITS-Oneam Folk Village

On the early morning of May 1st, 2016, the second ITS cultural field trip took place. A small group of foreign ITS members were able to visit Oneam Folk Village near Asan City, South Korea. 

This Korean folk village is a live folk museum that introduces and preserves the traditional culture from the late Joseon period (1392-1910) to both local and international visitors. The village shows different areas with unique features such as a farming village, private houses, official districts, a Confucian academy, and a nobleman’s house and traditional workshop. Real people actually live in this village and follow the same ancient traditions and customs. The folk village also holds performances including nongak (farmer’s music), traditional wedding ceremonies, and other special events.

Upon arrival, the ITS Members walked around and viewed the daily lives of the people of Oneam Folk Village. Many of the residents had farms and we're doing yard work, or sitting in front of their homes selling different foods to visitors walking by. As part of an assignment for the field trip, students had to split into groups of three and create a video that captured the daily life and different scenes of the village within five minutes. This assignment made the visit a lot more fun and interesting for many! 

Throughout the trip most of the students had their phones out and ready to record. ITS students were able to interview some folk villagers and take pictures. Others just captured the beautiful scenery of the grassy fields, traditional houses and mountains that surrounded the village. When walking along the dirty paths, students captured the feel of the tradition roots of the historic village.

“This is a very awesome village to visit because it's in a very traditional Korean Setting, it's so beautiful," said ITS member Katy Pugh. 

In addition, students were able to learn how to make traditional Korean candy during the visit. "We learned how to make a type of caramel candy with brown sugar or powder," explained Angelia Chen, an ITS member from Florida.

Majority of the foreign students weren't too fond of the Korean candy they learned to make afterwards. "It wasn't that tasty," explained Meow Meow, who’s an exchange student from China. 

After making Korean candy, ITS members got the opportunity to attend a real traditional wedding. "Just looking at the traditional clothing, the make-up and the wedding decorations, was a cultural experience," said Jennifer Hughes. "The average American wedding I'm used to seeing consists of dressing in all white, tossing a bouquet and riding away in a car that says 'Just Got Married.' It's completely different here. "

ITS members ended their visit with a few group photos and gained cultural knowledge about the village that's occupied by the families of its founder, Ye-an Lee, who settled there nearly 500 years ago. 

Written by: Dereka K. Bennett