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<Dereka's life> Olympic Games

  • 2016-08-04
  • 홍보전략팀
  • HIT306
<Dereka's life> Olympic Games게시물의 첨부이미지

ITS-Olympic Games

Today, May 10th, 2016, marked the first annual ITS Olympic Games hosted by foreign exchange student, Sam Nicolai and Korean student, Yong-soo Kim at the Nokji Stadium on campus. It was a little bit rainy, but that didn't stop the fun! Just like the normal Olympics, the ITS Olympics consisted of contests of sports among people. The games were opened to everyone outside of the ITS program and included dodge ball, "Steal the Bacon," soccer and relay racing.

Dodge ball was the first game played, which involved players to be divided into two teams and try to throw a ball at each other while avoiding being hit themselves. It they are hit, they are out of the game. The team that gets the most people out wins.

The game of "Steal the bacon," involved the group of players also being divided into two teams. Each member of both teams are assigned a number between 1 and 7. Whichever numbers were called by the referee, the people who were assigned those numbers would have to race to pick up the ball in the center of the court. Who ever got the ball first, their team got a point. The team with the highest score wins.

Also known as a popular sport to Korea, ITS members and other students played soccer, where the object of the game is to score goals by kicking the ball into the opponents' goal. The final rounds of games was relay racing, which involved two teams of people racing against each other through an obstacle course and back to where they started.
"The games were a lot more fun than I expected," said exchange student from France, Nicholas Slnf.

All the ITS members and their friends where excited and filled with energy mainly when the finale game of soccer came around. "This game was awesome, it definitely brought out my competitive side," said exchange student from Colorado, Jade Virgil.

The Olympic Games lasted for about three hours. In the end, the winners were announced for each game played and given prizes. The MVP of the dodge ball game was Sam Nicolai for outting the most people on the opposing team. Robin Susset, a German exchange student, won the MVP for leading his team to victory with a score of 10-4 in the "Steal the Bacon" game.

Jade Virgil also won MVP for the relay race after putting her team in the lead, winning first place. And finally, Yong-soo Kim won a prize for being a great goalie during the soccer game. His team won, leaving a score of 1-0 by the buzzer. Afterwards, the ITS members celebrated at City Pop with beer and chicken.

"Today was really fun and I'd like to congratulate Sam and Yong-soo for putting together a successful Olympic Games," said Robin Susset as he made a toast with a glass of beer to the rest of students sitting at the table. Hopefully there will be more Olympic Games to come.

Written by: Dereka K. Bennett