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About KUS




Executive Vice President of Sejong Campus
KUS University Innovation Center
  • Management Team

Regional Innovation System – Autonomous Mobility Research Division
Human Resource Development Center for High-tech Semiconductor Equipment (HRDC-HSE)
Eco Industry – Convergence and Open Sharing Center, Sejong
Director of Korea University,University Job Center
  • Adiministration Support Team
  • Consultant team
  • Start-up Support Team
  • Work Experience Support Team
Office of the Executive Vice President for Sejong Campus
Institute for Education Innovation, Sejong
  • Education Innovation Center Enhancement
  • Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Industry-Oriented Education Center
  • Graduate School
    Graduate School of Public Administration
    Administration Office
    Graduate School of Entrepreneurship
    Administration Office
    Graduate School of Culture and Sports
    Administration Office
    Graduate School of Convergence Science
    Administration Office
  • Graduate School
    College of Science and Technology
    College of Science and Technology, Division of Smart Cities, Graduate School of Convergence Science Administration Office
    Institute of Natural Science
    Institute of Industrial Technology
    Center for Advanced Photonic Materials
    Accelerator Research Center
    College of Pharmacy
    Administration Office
    Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Translational Research
    College of Culture and Sports
    Administration Office
    Institute of Archaeology and Environment
    College of Global Business
    Administration Office
    Innovation Center for Business Education
    Center for Korean Studies
    Sejong Center for Business
    College of Public Policy
    Administration Office
    The Institute for Economics and Statistics
    Division of Smart Cities
    College of Science and Technology, Division of Smart Cities, Graduate School of Convergence Science Administration Office
  • Administrative Division
    Office of Planning & Budget
    Planning & Coordination Team
    Budget Management Team
    Office of Academic & Student Affairs
    Faculty & Educational Affairs Team
    Student Affairs Team
    Center for Students with Disabilities, Sejong
    Institute for General Education, Sejong
    Office of General Affairs
    General Affairs Teams
    Financial Affairs Teams
    Construction & Maintenance Team
    Safety Team
    Sejong Military Affairs Team
    Office of Admissions and Public Relations
    Admissions Team
    Public Relations & Fund Management Team
    Social Service Organization, Sejong

    Office of Student Affairs and Services

    - Education Innovation Center

    - Center for Teaching and Learning

    - Industry-Oriented Education Center

    - Center for Human Resources                  Development

    - Administration Team

    Office of Research & Business
    Graduate School Research Education Team
    Public Relations & Fund Management Team

        Level 4 BK21 Education Research Team

        Smart Mobility Education Research Team

        IoT Data Science Research Team

        Cultural Heritage and Smart Technology Convergence Education Research Team

        Data Driven Economics and Statistics Expert Education & Research Team

        Research Education Team for Omics-based Bio-health in Food Industry

        Education and Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Smart City Convergence Technology

        ARMR System/Content Convergence Technology Education Research Team

  • Auxilliary Facilities
    Academic Information Center
    Information Technology Support Team
    Archives and Records Center
    Hoyun Dormitory
    Accomodations Assistance Team
  • Auxilliary

    Education Center

    The Sejong Institute of International Affairs and Education
    Sejong International Educational Team
    Institute for General Education, Sejong
    Administration Team
  • Sejong Research

    & Business Foundation

    Korea University LINK3.0  Foundation, Sejong
    - Korea University LINK3.0 Foundation, Sejong Management Team
    - Center for Korea University LINK3.0 Foundation, Sejong ICC Management

    Office of Korea University Research and Business Information, Sejong
    Technology Licensing and Commercialization Team
    Research Management Team
    Management Support Team
    The Crimson Institute for Indusrty-University Convergence
    - Entrepreneurship Education Center, Sejong
    - Industry Education Center,  Sejong
    - Center for Cooperative Education, Sejong
    Research Agency
    Small and Medium Business (Industry-University-Research) Support Center
    Sejong Startup Support Center
    Biological Clock-based Anti-aging Fusion RLRC Center
    Advanced Material Transfer Evaluation Center
    Business start-up - Region Cooperation Department
    Center for Regional Innovation Cooperation
    Start-up Innovation Center, Sejong
    Entrepreneurship Education Center, Sejong
  • Other Institutions
    Sejong Reserve Officers’ Training Corps
  • Auxilliary Research


    Public Policy Research Institute