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About KUS

President's Message


Facing the current crises of education, I am thinking about our
future for Korea University
to develop pioneering intelligence.

President of Korea University, 정 진 택

The history of Korea University, from its inception, has been a pioneer's history, growing talented people that contributed to modernization through new studies. In 1905, the nation was on the brink of complete and forced Japanese rule and the country was drifting away not knowing the direction to make a breakthrough. Korea University, with its mission to 'save the country through education', lighted a torch through education in times of national troubles.

Since then, countless Korea University graduates who learned through the virtues of freedom, justice and truth on the hill of Anam became pioneers to achieve the country's democracy and economic development. The pride of being the first private institution of higher education and the previous century of its history are our great tradition. The tradition helped us to lead the future of our nation and country and we take pride in these valued traces.

However, in this era, we cannot dwell upon such a pride and remain complacent. Universities have been diminished to the subjects of assessment in the framework of education policies and our youth are failing in finding their jobs in despair.

Universities shall be able to lead to change. They shall not remain passive. Facing this crisis in 2015, we shall think of the future of our education once more. At this moment, we realize that we live in an era when it is most uncertain to forecast the future. In such times of uncertainty, Korea University will develop "pioneering intelligence" that knows no fear while running in the wilds of uncertainty.

Now Korea University will be an icon of universities by leading the 21st century to a new future. New education policies such as flexible terms and debate-based classes will be the cornerstone to develop pioneering intelligence. We will develop such knowledge to lead our society and change the world through international development and cooperation, preparation for national unification and social enterprises.

Without pioneering, we have no future. That path for pioneers will be achieved through innovation of education. There will be no fragile intelligence failing over and over again in limitless competition. We will be the university to shape and lead our own future.

President of Korea University, 정 진 택