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Department of Control and Instrumentation Engineering

Department of Control and Instrumentation Engineering

Development of engineers equipped with global competitiveness, creativeness and professionalism!Department of Control and Instrumentation Engineering

  • location
    Science and Technology Building No.414A

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Introduction to Department

As sciences, technologies and human civilizations progress, what is sought in the areas of future applied technologies and engineering are precision, speediness, sturdiness and automation, which are critical elements and goals in the era of technology competition. Applications include advanced precision Instrumentation system of high performance such as high-quality product production and general purpose system such as MEMS, automated production in production line through man-less automation technology, CAD/CAM, CIM, aeronautical space control and robot system to replace human labor, etc.

As a mechatronics organically connecting and researching mechanical engineering, control engineering, electronic engineering and computational science, control and Instrumentation engineering will be the core to lead the 21st century highly developed society of sciences and technologies where these sources are systemically applied to high-performance system control, ROBOT SYSTEM, Instrumentation-related system, aero-nautical system and plant automation system.

Hence, the department provides education and research through theories and practice and affiliates with excellent facilities and research projects available at the near Daedeok Science Complex to produce the country's best experts and scholars in the area of control engineering as one of the most advanced engineering subjects in Korea.

Tips on Department

  1. 01What aptitudes are appropriate to enter the department?
    Department of Control and Instrumentation Engineering deals with the theories and their applications pertaining to mechatronics that applies technologies related to machines, electronics and electricity and computer engineering. Hence, any students who love to analyze or produce mechatronics system, handle computer software or hardware or apply mathematical analytic techniques to engineering can be said to have aptitudes to apply to Department of Control and Instrumentation Engineering.
  2. 02What are the characteristics of this department?
    Major characteristics of mechatronics taught by Department of Control and Instrumentation Engineering are summarized as follows:
    • Wide coverage: Most of the industrial and home electronic system available in our daily life comes from mechatronics system combining technologies of machines, electronics and electricity and computers.
    • Complexity: For development and application of major advanced systems required in the contemporary society, complex technologies covering machines, electronics and electricity and computers are necessary.
    • Permanence: Mechatronics, being the core technology required in the contemporary manufacture industry, will be permanently pursued unlike other technologies characteristic of their brevity.
    • Diversity: Mechatronics is where various technologies of machines, electronics and electricity and computers are affiliated.
  3. 03 What will we study in this department?
    Department of Control and Instrumentation Engineering teaches the following:
    • Basic core technologies pertaining to systems related to machines, electronics and electricity and computers;
    • Various experiments pertaining to system control technology, sensor and Instrumentation technology; and,
    • Application and analytic technologies pertaining to mechatronics system, industrial electronic system, control automation system, robotics and intelligence system.
  4. 04Are their extracurricular activities?
    • Dagachi: Group for production and research of electromechanical system such as micro-mouse
    • C.I.E: Soccer group
    • JNJ: Basketball group
    • Episode: Music group
  5. 05What are the career paths after graduation?
    Graduates from Department of Control and Instrumentation Engineering have entered industrial and research sources related to machines, electronics and electricity and computers and produced excellent deliverables based on their wide knowledge obtained through their undergraduate courses. Also, many of them have joined master's and doctoral courses of domestic and overseas institutions to pursue their research in control and Instrumentation engineering, electricity and electronics engineering and mechanical engineering. Some others successfully run venture companies using their professional knowledge of mechatronics.