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Division of Business Administration

Division of Business Administration

Vision 2030+
The global hub to develop internationally competitive business leaders Division of Business Administration

  • location
    Seokwon Business & Economics Building No.215

  • telephone
    044-860-1520, 1530

  • FAX

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Introduction to Department

Division of Business Administration of Korea University Sejong Campus aims to be the country's best education provider in the area of business administration in Sejong City which is rising as a new center of the country. The department produces business leaders of various areas who can compete in the international business management environment to meet the diverse types of demand for education and aims to be established as the country's central business administration educator.

The foremost task of Division of Business Administration is to cultivate professionals in business administration who firstly establish their own vision and work persistently to achieve it. Business administrators who pioneer for the future will be much needed by organizations while developing their own career. The second task of Division of Business Administration is to develop competitive business administrators. Competitiveness of business administrators will be determined based on their professional knowledge which refers to the core knowledge actually applied in practice based on major theories and knowledge of contemporary economics and Division of Business Administration helps all students to acquire such core knowledge as their own systemized knowledge. The third task of Division of Business Administration is to ensure business administrators who can work in an international business administration environment based on their creative ways of thinking. Corporate administration environment fast evolves and changes beyond national boundaries and in such an environment, existing knowledge or problem-solving methods shall be adapted to the changing conditions. Division of Business Administration helps to develop creative ways of thinking and understanding of international business administration environment so that the students can benefit from such adaptive skills.

VISION 2030+
World Class Hub for Globally
Competitive Business Leaders

We develop and maintain the world class Business teaching programs to reflect the continually changing demand of the

We grow into the
core business research institution in the new central city of Korea.

Educational Goals
Educate Visionary
Business Professionals
Educate Competitive
Business Professionals
Educate Creative Global
Business Professionals
Differentiated university
caring education
orientation to capacity/market

Tips on Department

  1. 01What aptitudes are appropriate to enter the department?
    According to a recent study, Korean companies want human resources of passion, challenging spirit, teamwork, communication skills and creative ways of thinking and are doing their best to recruit such people by all means. Division of Business Administration educate undergraduates to secure such core competencies and any student wishing to acquire such aptitudes can join Division of Business Administration and Division of Business Administration welcomes such a student with open arms. Come! And challenge! To be a future knowledge-oriented leader!
  2. 02What are the characteristics of this department?
    Business administration is uniquely comprehensive as it covers knowledge of almost all sociological studies such as economics, sociology and psychology as well as natural sciences including mathematics and statistics. Business administration as a process is an activity which is really needed in the government, public institution, hospital, university, professional sports team and non-profit organization. Hence, scope of application of business administration is almost limitless. Business administration shall also be realistic and practical. This is because knowledge in business administration shall be alive to enable management organizations to be in constant movement based on its application to various social areas.
  3. 03What will we study in this department?
    Business administration aims to study management activities where the process covering planning, organizing, leading and feedback of all organizations including companies is continuously repeated. In specific, such activities cover production operation, finance management, accounting, marketing and human resources management which enter each stage of management. Division of Business Administration provides an overview of business administrative activities, most recent theories on detailed management activities and substantial and realistic knowledge applicable to actual corporate activities. Also, the theories and practical knowledge related to international management activities prioritized in line with further globalization are widely provided to students to be fully prepared to be global leaders as required in our time. Also, they will be introduced sufficiently to economics and statistics as these are the basis for the ways of thinking of business administrators.
  4. 04Are their extracurricular activities?
    Currently, there are small groups dedicated to computer, English, song, securities study and various sports within Division of Business Administration. Students and professors actively take part in them. Also, there are various programs and small groups to improve foreign language skills. Various academic and extracurricular groups are active in the areas of Chinese economy, international trade and many other regions. Homecoming Day (or Alumni Day) is the most celebrated day on Sejong Campus. It is held successfully every day, solidifying the bonds among younger and older members of the university. It enriches campus life and is also used as a chance for the future social activities outside the university. Also, College of Business & Economics to which Division of Business Administration belongs offers opportunities to students to take part in symposiums so that they can apply what they have learned to practical issues every yea
  5. 05 What are the career paths after graduation?
    Business administration requires application to various organizational types and graduates from Division of Business Administration who have successfully finished the course can select among many career options, enabling them to work for the government, public institutions, hospitals, universities, professional sports teams and non-profit organizations. As for corporations, students can apply not only to typical manufacturers but also to financial institutions, advertisers, planners, scouting firms, trade firms, consulting firms and other service industry sources. Also, they can become professionals by passing the examinations licensing certified public accountants (CPA), certified public labor affairs consultants (CPLA), certified public tax accountants (CPTC) and licensed customs agents. Otherwise, they can be employed as public officials, teachers, researchers and professors.