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School of Public Administration

School of Public Administration

School of Public Administration cultivates competent administrators needed in times of globalization, informatization and localization.School of Public Administration

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    Science and Technology Building 2 No.427A

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Introduction to Department

The roles of state have become wider and more important as the contemporary society progress deepens. As the society becomes more complex, national administration needs to be more professional and democratic. In response to such needs, School of Public Administration was established in 1983 to develop professionals equipped with abilities and personality both to contribute to the national development.

Since then, School of Public Administration has seen its ground-breaking development originating from young and competent professors specializing in many areas and passionate students. Not only traditional subjects such as Administrative Organization Theory, Financial Administration Theory and Human Resources Administration Theory but also various subjects such as law, politics, management techniques, information society, local administration and international administration were made available to develop human resources that meet the needs in times of globalization and localization. Also, it provides a classroom named 'Hyeongseoljae' for students who are preparing to take various national examinations such as Higher Civil Service Examination so that they can be helped to become national and/or local public officials.

Tips for Undergraduate Students

  1. 01What aptitudes are appropriate to enter the department?
    The principles of democratic and law-abiding public administration reflect the needs to improve quality of life of the nation as well as opinions of citizens. They become more important as the society becomes more complex and professional. College of Business & Economics established School of Public Administration in 1983 to answer to the needs of our times and develop social leaders including public administrators to contribute to the national development. Hence, anyone who has a dream to serve the nation, especially as public officials, and interested in the nation's life and overall administrative affairs as future leaders may apply to School of Public Administration.
  2. 02What are the characteristics of this department?
    Professors specializing in various areas from the humane, legal, economic, political and international perspectives are teaching in the department to ensure public administration that improves the nation's quality of life. Hence, the focus is laid on adherence to the purposes of public administration and search of unity within diversity.
  3. 03What will we study in this department?
    School of Public Administration has been developed by the young and competent faculty teaching Organizational Theory, Public Policy Theory, Human Resources Administration Theory, Welfare State Theory, International Trade Policy, NGOs Study, Policy and Law, Public Opinion Survey Practice, Local Administration Theory, Political Economy Theory, Cultural Administrative Theory, Korean Citizens and Public Officials, Korean Politics Overview, Local Administration Theory, Urban Administration Theory, Introduction to Administration Measurement and Analysis, Introduction to Law, the Constitutional Law, General Provisions of the Civil Code, Administrative Law and Theory of Public Management to adapt to the needs in administration and answer to the needs in times of globalization and localization.
  4. 04Are their extracurricular activities?
    There are many small groups established for smooth exchange within the department, including Cyclone (Soccer), Koinonia (Christianity), Cats (Basketball) and Web to the future (Computer) where the students of School of Public Administration can study and enjoy hobbies.
  5. 05What are the career paths after graduation?
    Since 1983, School of Public Administration has focused to develop social leaders including public administrators to contribute to the national development. Especially, good and competent leaders have been developed by most of the professors, students and senior graduates. Graduates from School of Public Administration may take higher civil service examinations to enter the government agencies. Otherwise, they may work for companies, journalism and civil society while some others may acquire doctoral degrees in Korea or abroad to work for universities or research institutions. The broader meaning of public administration covers public administration of the government and public corporations, private administration of companies and social administration of schools, NGOs and religious organizations. The students will acquire wider perspectives on public administration and learn about them and upon graduation, the career path is more flexible depending on each student's aptitude and preparation.