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General Grade


School RegulationsGo to Academic Regulations

Article 35 (School Year), Article 51 (Credit Withdrawal), Article 68 (Grade Evaluation), Article 71 (Grade: Principle), Article 72 (Grade: P/F Evaluation), Article 73 (Grade Calculation and Record), Article 74 (Retake), Article 75 (Correction and Cancellation of Grade), Article 76 (Academic Evaluation), Article 77 (Academic Warning), Article 78 (Excellent Semester Student), Article 79 (Excellent Graduate Student), Article 80 (Limitation of Excellent Student), Article 81 (Record on School Register), Article 82 (Commendation)

School Year Classification

  1. 1Freshman: Students with less than 33(55) required credits
  2. 2Sophomore: Students who have registered over 3 times and have between 34(36) to 67(71) required credits
  3. 3Junior: Students who have registered over 5 times and have between 68(72) to 101(105) required credits
  4. 4Senior: Students who have registered over 7 times and have over 102(106) required credits

※ The credits within the parentheses are for colleges (departments) that require more than 135 credits to graduate.
※ Students associated with the College of Medicine or the College of Pharmacy have different bylaws for determining school years.


Classification Grade
A+ 4.50
A 4.00
B+ 3.50
B 3.00
C+ 2.50
C 2.00
D+ 1.50
D 1.00
F 0.00
P Not Calculated (Pass)
S Satisfactory
I Not Calculated (Incomplete)
  • 'P’(Pass)is graded when the course evaluation is determined by a Pass/Fail system
  • ‘S’(Satisfactory)is graded when the course is not separated by grade classifications and the student met the required credits
  • ‘I’(Incomplete)is if the grade assessment of the corresponding semesters is temporarily withheld. And if the final grade is not given within the prescribed period, then the ‘I’ changes to a ‘F’ grade.
  • The range that the required credits are recognized (from A+ to D, P and S)
  • When non-participation of the exam is acceptable: Student who could not participate in the exam due to unavoidable circumstances such as military service, illness, and court appearance must submit a justification letter with attachments (copy of summons warrant, medical certificate, obituary, etc.) to the corresponding college academic support services.

Relative Evaluation

  • - Starting 2018 Semester 1, general principle of academic evaluation has been amended from relative evaluation to absolute evaluation.
  • - Due to the distinctiveness of the course, courses and electives designated by the department are evaluated on relative evaluation.
  • (However, courses subject to relative evaluation with less than 20 students or foreign language courses may be evaluated on absolute evaluation. Relative evaluation ratio of courses on relative evaluation)
  1. 1General subjects
    General subjects
    Classification Relative evaluation ratio (%)
    A+,A 0~35
    B+,B 0~70
    C+, C, D+, D, F More than 30
  2. 2Experiments, Practice, Teaching, Foreign language (English, second language) Lecture courses, Cultural foreign language courses
    Experiments, Practice, Teaching, Foreign language (English, second language) Lecture courses, Cultural foreign language courses
    Classification Relative evaluation ratio (%)
    A+,A 0~40
    B+,B 0~90
    C+, C, D+, D, F More than 10

    For subjects that relative evaluation does not apply, see Academic Operations Regulations Article 72 (Relative Evaluation)

Academic warning

  1. 1An academic warning is sent to students who receive lower than a 1.75 GPA during a the corresponding semester by the academics department
  2. 2The student, parent and academic advisor (department dean) is notified when a student receives an academic warning
  3. 3Three academic warnings in a row and the students is expelled

Students do receive an academic warning if the course registration credit is less than 12 credits, but this warning is not a part of section 3.

Abandoning Required Credits

  1. 1The students are allowed to abandon up to 6 required credits when the course is cancelled and re-registration is not possible.
  2. 2'W' (Withdraw) is stated for those courses and is not reflected in GPA
  3. 3In order to abandon required credits, the student must have registered more 7 semesters and received over 102 credits (106 credits for department under Article 57 Section 2), and submit the request during the predetermined period.
  4. 4You can only submit once the request for abandoning required credits, and correct or withdraw is not possible after the application is submitted
  5. 5You cannot abandon the required credits of courses in progress
  6. 6Re-registration on abandon courses is not possible

※ You can abandon up to 6 credits if the credits were obtained before the first semester of 2014
※ For more information, check the homepage or the Application for Abandoning Required Credits Notice on the portal