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Double Major


School RegulationsGo to Academic Regulations

Section 3, Academic Operations Regulations Chapter 6 Section 2 Subsection 1


During the first major, major of other department is completed at the same time as the second major and two degrees are given for graduation.

Application Period

Early stage of the next week of mid-term examination every semester

For the accurate period, please refer to the guidance of double major schedule and school affairs schedule in portal and homepage


  • Students (enrolled students) who are assigned to the first major and registered by more than 3 semesters (transferred students enrolling more than 2 semesters)

    Impossible to apply for students on a leave of absence

  • Failure even if on leave of absence (during the semester) after notification of success

    Attendance period of enrolled students during the semesters: the first semester(March 1 to August 31), the Second semester (September 1~Feberary 28 of the following year)

  • Students who passed double major and major convergence and applicants of engineering certificate cannot apply.

    But, if Students who passed double major and major convergence and applicants of engineering certificate intend to apply again, they should be indicated by abandonment. (They should apply abandonment directly in portal system.)

    The case to abandon the success of double(integral) major and apply again should be limited by one time and if they apply again and are failed, specialized major of the first major must be completed.

Application Procedure

  • Standard of evaluation: Grade, interview, studying plan, etc. should be obeyed by evaluation standard of each university.
  • Method of receipt
    1) Enrolled students of the third and fourth semesters after class of 2004 and generally transferred students of the second and third semester after class of 2004 Reception desk: Portal system based on knowledge in Korea University(http://portal.korea.ac.kr)

    Go to Homepage

    2)Others Visiting(direct) receipt Place of receipt :
    [Seoul campus] School register class supporting team (Main Hall #203)
    [Sejong campus] School affairs supporting team (Administrative building #110)


  • From class of 2004, they must complete one of specialized major, double major and major convergence in accordance with obligation of the secondary major. (But, the secondary major is selected for transferred students on bachelor degree)
  • specialized major of the primary major is same as existing system of singular major.
  • After the success, they can obtain qualifications of double major from the next semester.
  • For the guidance of health and science college, please inquire to school affairs supporting division of health and science college.
  • Department of law, department of medicine, department of nursing, department of computer education, department of cyber defense and department of pharmacy cannot apply double major.
  • Applicants for department of business administration, department of politics and administration, and college of design sculpture must write and input studying plan (submission).
  • Before the application, details of the guidance of double major (attached file) must be confirmed.
  • For credits of double major, etc, they should inquire to school affairs supporting division of the supervised college (double major).


  • Inquire at the administrative office of relevant department (double major) for Seoul Campus
  • Inquire at the administrative office of relevant department (double major) for Sejong Campus