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Major Convergence (Previous Interdisciplinary Major)


School RegulationsGo to Academic Regulations

Section 3, Academic Operations Regulations Chapter 6 Section 2 Subsection 2


Separated curriculum is organized and major is established by combining more than 2 colleges and departments.


  • Students (enrolled students) who are assigned by the first major and registered by more than 3 semesters (transferred students who are registered by more than 2 semesters)

    Students on a leave of absence cannot apply.

  • Although they are on a leave of absence (during the semester) after the pass, they are failed.

    Attendance period of enrolled students during the semesters: the first semester(March 1~August 31), the second semester(September 1~Feberary 28 of the next year)

  • Students who pass double major and major convergence and apply engineering certificate cannot apply.

    But, if students who pass double(integral) major and apply engineering certificate intend to apply again, they should be indicated by abandonment. (They should apply abandonment directly in portal system.)

    The case to abandon the success of double(integral) major and apply again should be limited by one time and if they apply again and are failed, specialized major of the first major must be completed.

Application Period

April ( first semester), October.(second semester)

For the accurate period, please refer to the guidance of major convergence schedule and school affairs schedule in portal and homepage.

Application Procedure

  • Evaluation standard: Grade, studying plan, etc. should be obeyed by evaluation standard of each university. (Grade evaluation should be reflected by the average of total GPA of all subjects (including F) they applied until the rightly previous semester.)
  • Method of receipt : Portal system of Korea University School register/class School affairs Application of major convergence


  • From class of 2004, they must complete one of specialized major of the primary major, double major and major convergence in accordance with obligation of the secondary major. (But, completion of the secondary major is selective for transferred students on bachelor degree.)
  • specialized major of the primary major is same as existing system of singular major.
  • After the next semester of the pass, they obtain qualifications of major convergence.
  • major convergence of financial engineering can be applied by only students belonging to Anam campus.
  • For other inquiries, please inquire to school affairs division of supervised university.


    Major College Phone Number Remark
    Science and Technology Studies College of Liberal Arts 02-3290-1314
    Humanities and Justice
    EML(Emerging Market&Latin America)
    LB&C(Language, Brain & Computer)
    Humanities and Creative Industry
    GLEAC(Global Leader for East Asian Century)
    Medical Humanities
    Unification and International Peace
    Ecologic Landscape College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering 02-3290-4963
    Climate Change Program
    Medical Science and Engineering College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology Division of Life Sciences 02-3290-4960
    * Financial Engineering College of Political Science and Economics Department of Economics 02-3290-2200 Financial engineering is only available for students attending the Seoul campus.
    Law and Public Administration College of Political Science and Economics Department of Public Administration 02-3290-2270
    PEL (Politics, Economics and Law)
    Fashion Design and Merchandising College of Education Department of Home Economics Education 02-3290-2320
    Multicultural Korean Education College of Education Department of Korean Language Education 02-3290-2340
    Brain and Cognitive Sciences College of Information Communication Division of Computer Communication Engineering 02-3290-3212
    Software Venture College of Informatics Department of Computer Science and Engineering 02-3290-4932
    Technology Entrepreneurship College of Engineering 02-3290-4128
    Food Industrial Management College of Health Science 02-3290-5605
    Public Governance and Leadership School of Interdisciplinary Studies 02-3290-1415 Interdisciplinary studies mandatory
    *GKS(Global Korean Studies Interdisciplinary Major) *GKS (Global Korean Studies Interdisciplinary Major) 02-3290-1155 For foreigners
    Artificial Intelligence College of Informatics Department of Computer Science and Engineering 02-3290-4932
    Medical Convergence Engineering KU-KIST 02-3290-5902
    DMC (Digital Media Culture) College of Culture and Sports 044-860-1203 Sejong Campus
    Social Welfare College of Public Policy
    * ‘Law’-related courses in major convergence courses are hosted by College of Law.