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Changing Affiliation



After completion of 4 semesters in Sejong campus, students who passed change of belonging can change to other department of Seoul campus (the primary major) and acquire the degree.

Qualifications of application

  • Students who registered more than 4 semesters and acquired (will acquire) more than 67 credits among the students belonging to Sejong campus (possibility to apply only 1 time during the attendance)
  • Students whose average GPA is more than 3.75 until the rightly previous semester of recruitment
  • Students who acquire more than TOEIC 800, TOEFL(IBT) 96 or TEPS 800 within 2 years, on the basis of registering date of belonging change between campuses
  • When students who are attending in the semester of the forth registration don’t apply change of belonging, qualifications of applying change of belonging is lost after the 5th semester. (But, in cases that there is no application to change the belonging in the semester of the 4th registration because of the reasons of leave of absence, it’s possible to apply change of belonging which is conducted in the fifth semester)
  • From the sixth semester, there is no qualification of applying change of belonging.

Period of application

The second semester of every year (autumn semester)

Range of applying department

  • Among the general students transferred of Seoul campus in the year when change of belonging is applying, the number of belonging change can be applied by only arranged departments(colleges).
  • College of medicine and college of education cannot apply.
  • Seoul campus departments (colleges) which are same as or similar to applicant’s majors in Sejong campus can be applied.
  • Regardless of studies of the primary major, departments (colleges) with fixed number can be applied.

Fixed number

decided by the number of recruiting general transferred students in the year of applying change of belonging

Standard of recruitment

  1. 1The 1st recruitment: GPA and publicly certified English grade (one of TOEIC, TOEFL and TEPS )
  2. 2The 2nd recruitment: Addition of document score to interview score

Completion of credits

  • Liberal art curriculum should satisfy the standard of completion of belonging departments in Sejong campus before the change of belonging
  • After the change of belonging, basic major curriculum and graduation demands should be satisfied by curriculum chart of the department changed.
  • Acquired credits, grade and completion division before the change of belonging are recognized as they are after the change of belonging.


  • In spite of the final pass of change of belonging, the change of belonging is canceled if they don’t acquire 67 credits until winter semester of the semester of applying the change of belonging or don’t satisfy all of conditions of liberal arts completion of belonging departments (colleges) of Sejong campus.
  • If students who completed teacher’s training course are confirmed by change of belonging between campuses, the completion is canceled.
  • In the rightly after the semester of change of belonging, they can be excepted from subjects of good grade scholarship, studying scholarship, etc.

All of matters for the above change of belonging can be changed, so refer to the portal notice in the period of enforcement.