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Semiconductor Physics

Semiconductor Physics
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Development of creative talent with the virtue of "Volunteer+Professional+Leader"!Semiconductor Physics

  • Location
    Accelerator and ICT Building No.503

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To develop the ability to adapt to this rapidly changing society, the Department of Semiconductor Physics is conducting research and providing education based on the fields of physics and condensed matter physics which form the foundation of state-of-the-art technology.

Every member of the current faculty has majored in condensed matter physics (응집물리학), and are actively conducting research in the fields of semiconductors, data storage devices (정보저장소자), superconductors, condensed matter physics theory (응집물리이론), and quantum information theory (양자정보 이론). Based on the support of this university, substantive industry-academic cooperation with local businesses, and quantitative, qualitative development of the graduate school, this department is continuing to progress daily. In particular, this major is conducting research regarding various semiconductor devices (반도체 소자), medical applications of superconductivity (초전도체 의료용 소자), organic micro-electronic devices, and other research related to development of new process technology for the integration of the aforementioned technologies into mass production. By connecting this research to undergraduate education, this major is strengthening the production of competent talent and helping students advance into society.

The educational objective of this major is the development of creative talent with the virtue of "Volunteer+Professional+Leader". To be specific:
- A "Volunteer" who seeks convenience and happiness of humanity, and contributes to local society and the prosperity of the nation.
- A "Professional" who creates new value for the digital age with their condensed matter physics-based creative thinking and willingness to take on challenges.
- A "Glocal Leader" who leads the field of next generation display-semiconductors

Required Student Skills and Qualities

1. Creativity and talent in basic science
Talented individuals with creative thinking skills who can create new value for the digital age with their solid knowledge of basic science that is centered around condensed matter physics.

2. Practical convergence talent
A ‘Seeking Truth Grounded in Concrete Evidence (실사구지)’ type of talent who actively reacts to new changes in their environment and can develop technology by converging advanced semiconductor technology and basic physics knowledge.

3. Adventurous global talent
Talented individuals who possess adventurous thought processes for finding and solving problems from various points of view with their deep understanding of semiconductor physics, and the ability to act in consideration of the global environment.


Name Position Phone Number Email Field of Research Career
Nam SeogWoo Professor 044-860-1323 phynam@korea.ac.kr Condensed Matter Physics Theory Ph.D, State University of New York, Buffalo
Yang HyungJin Professor 044-860-1325 yangh@korea.ac.kr Quantum information theory Ph.D., Indiana University, Solid State Physics
Rhie Kungwon Professor 044-860-1326 krhie@korea.ac.kr Nano spin Texas A&M Univ. Solid State Physics
Lee SoonGul Professor 044-860-1327 sglee@korea.ac.kr Superconductivity Ph.D, Ohio State University, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Hong Jinki Professor 044-860-1329 jkhongjkhong@korea.ac.kr Hybrid Semiconductor Device Ph.D, Korea University
Lee KwanWoo Professor 044-860-1766 mchwan@korea.ac.kr Theoretical Material Physics Ph.D, Physics, Univ. of California, Davis
Hong SucKyoung Professor 044-860-1772 sk-hong@korea.ac.kr Quantum Optics Ph.D, Korea University
Lee JoonSung Associate
- simmian@korea.ac.kr Electron transport in nanoscale materials Ph.D, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Career Paths after graduation

This department has been showing an average employment rate of over 70% for the past five years, and the employment rate in terms of the major-related area is also at 70%. The employment field is focused on the semiconductor business, which is our country's major industry, such as semiconductor design (semiconductor for vehicle, SDRAM/PSRAM/Flash Memory IC, multimedia SoC design, PC interface & PC-based complex chip, image processing chips for DVR, CMOS image sensor), semiconductor equipment (wafer transfer equipment, precise manufacturing equipment (정밀제조장비), metrology inspection equipment (계측검사장비), semiconductor inspection equipment). In addition, about a fourth of graduates have entered major domestic and foreign research institutes & businesses in condensed matter physics as special researchers via an advanced degree curriculum.