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Life on Campus

The Students' Groups Association

The Students' Groups Association

The Students' Groups Association

  • location
    Students Union Building #315

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Korea University Sejong Students' Groups take pride in their 35 years of history.

The groups and their association, existent since the foundation of Korea University Sejong Campus, have also fulfilled the roles of the Students Council which was not present at that time. The groups are as old as this and have worked as the center of struggle and culture on Sejong Campus.

Such a community culture resulted in the 1989 Seoul Anam Campus Struggle, which was the background of establishment of the current Center for Academic Information (Library), College of Science and Technology (previously, College of Natural Sciences) and Hall of Freedom (previously, Dormitory).
The university culture was the culture of small groups and communities. It developed from the hobby-based circle culture in the 1970s and the liberal arts and human relationships in the 1980s. By now, it is practice-oriented inviting concerned and mature social members to change the contradictions of our society.

In the 1970s and after the 1980s, groups of social services and philosophies and ideologies prospered, respectively. As the history shows, students' groups are very sensitive to circumstances of each time period. This is manifested in that students' groups have always responded in students' movement and democratization movement most effectively. As such, the groups have passionately and courageously responded to socio-structural contradictions. They did not neglect. They have never been bystanders. Such a tradition has established Sejong as the place for spirit of independence. The motto is "Independence" and the affiliated groups are also called ‘The Students' Groups Association of Independence’.

Yearly Schedule

Yearly Schedule
  • Preparation for the year's projects of the Students' Groups Association
  • The Students' Groups Association Leadership Training (Training for Executives)
  • Visit to and preparation for the learning site for new entrants
  • New entrants learning site : performance by groups, promotion and meeting with new entrants
  • Group Street Festival : Outside Students Union Building, new entrants and Sejong Campus seniors come together.
  • Haeoreum Festival : The Students' Groups Association's kickoff is announced along with presentation of the year's projects.
  • Ceremony for the Late Student Martyr Byeongjin Yoo and Trip to Geum River : Remembering Late Student Martyir Byeongjin Yoo along with trip to Geum River.
  • 4.18 Country-saving National Travel : Korea University students who fought the past dictatorship were attacked and severely injured on their return after march. 4.18 Country-saving National Travel takes place every year to remember their effort and determination.
  • Daedongje : Various group performances open the festival and continue the university culture.
  • Farmer-Student Allied Activity (Farming Activity): Through farmers are our community members, their labor and preciousness of farmed products are less shared. The event is to directly experience the reality of rural areas and develop social perspectives. At the same time, participating students will have great memories.
  • Regular Korea University-Yonsei University Competition
  • Small Group Festival : Members of groups take part in sports games, stage shoes and Madang events to be united and say goodbye to the year.
  • The Students' Groups Association election