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Broadcasting Station

Broadcasting Station

Broadcasting Station

  • Location
    The Humanities Building Room No. 115A

  • Telephone

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Korea University Broadcasting Station, established in 1984, aims to develop the community sense and unity among the university members by creating and criticizing university cultures through broadcasting while fulfilling its fundamental mission as a university journalist. It independently produces news, documentary and music which are aired twice a day for mental and cultural growth of Korea University members. Also, University PDP project is applied to provide video broadcasting for eight minutes seven times a day from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Alongside, there is Open Studio recruiting new students every year, followed by Broadcasting Festival in May and Regular Korea University-Yonsei University Competition in September which is aired by YMBS (Yonsei University), too. Anyone can enjoy the festival on our website. Also, Korea University Sejong Campus finds it difficult to develop university culture due to local characteristics. Under such conditions, Korea University broadcasting station connects the university members and further aims to create a creative university culture based on that bond. It is the only independent journalism within Sejong Campus works to produce the voice of Korea University Sejong Campus. All the members of the broadcasting station take pride in being university journalism and spend a lot of time and effort for this activity. It will open a new horizon for the 21st university journalism by providing broadcasting services that are alive and vibrating along with the students and fulfill its fundamental responsibilities and duties as a university journalist.


  • October 1984 Committee for Establishment of Broadcasting Station was established (Call Sign: KUBS∏)
  • March 1990 Revision of Call Sign of the Broadcasting Station: KDBS

Introduction to Divisions

News Division

News Division works hard to form sound and critical opinions within the campus by reporting and airing accidents, events and issues within and outside the university. The division's heart is warm and its brain is cold. It works ceaselessly to develop a wider perspective on the world.

Production Division

Production Division is also referred to as the myth of living booths, taking responsibilities for overall production and transmission of producer, director and radio broadcasting. It works to materialize insight into the society, artistic potentials and momentary senses via broadcasting.
It is being established as the core of broadcasting with continued research and thinking based on creativeness.

Announcer Division

Announcer Division consists of DJs, voice actors and anchors and share many stories of the world. This is a leading division engaging in production, too, further from representation. It is the voice of the broadcasting station to deliver the news to students. It always strives to be voices and gestures of our students as the center of the station.

Image Division

Image Division, established to fulfill the needs for a new university broadcasting medium, is the center of image production, shooting and editing.
The division leads a new culture in this area.