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  • Daesub Song, D.V.M. associate professor of College of Pharmacy, Korea University, is an international expert on the virology including research of viral pathogenesis and development of animal viral vaccines and diagnostics.

    Dr. Song received D.V.M in 2000 and his PhD of veterinary medicine in 2004 at Seoul national university. His research interests include animal virology (swine viruses), viral vaccine, interspecies transmission of viruses, viral-host interaction, and several viral vaccine developments. He also worked as a member in special task force team of MERS-CoV in the Korean Society of Virology and in the MERS-CoV Korea/WHO joint mission team at 2015. And he served as a member of board of directors in Korea Society for Zoonoses and The Korean Vaccine Society from 2016.

    Dr. Song commercialized the oral porcine epidemic diarrhea virus vaccine that could induce the mucosal immunity and good protection in piglets for the first time in the world. He led the vaccine research team of several swine/canine vaccines and influenza vaccine in various animal species for the preclinical, clinical trials and registration in government.

    Recently, he focused his work to the preclinical validation of several viral vaccines. His work on interspecies transmission of avian origin flu to dogs and its’ mutations led to the need of investigation of dogs as a potential mixing vessel of flu. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles.