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Korea University Sejong Campus Discovers Fifteen Prospect Compan...

  • 2021-03-22
  • 홍보기금팀
  • HIT127
Korea University Sejong Campus Discovers Fifteen Prospect Compan...게시물의 첨부이미지


Korea University Sejong Campus Discovers Fifteen Prospect Companies at 2021 Sports Industry Entrepreneurship Center Support Project Startup Company Contest - Operates Specialized Program for AI and Big Data Sports Business Launch Companies

As the selected host organization for the 2020 Sports Industry Entrepreneurship Center Support Project, Korea University's Sejong Research & Business Foundation (Director Jeong Yong-woo) will create an ecosystem for startups in the sports industry for up to three years.


The Sports Industry Entrepreneurship Center Support Project is organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to identify entrepreneurs fostering sports startups that can keep up with rapidly changing market trends by offering systematic startup support such as discovery of new business items within the sports industry, startup education, and childcare. Korea University Sejong Campus will receive follow-up support for the funds and services necessary to create quality jobs and startup results for innovative sports development companies during the startup launch process (less than 7 years).


Starting from April 16 and running until March 2, the Korea University Sejong Research & Business Foundation and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation recruited companies to participate in the “2021 Sports Industry Entrepreneurship Center Support Project” in order to seek promising new business models for the sports industry and to prop up sports companies struggling with COVID-19. Applications were accepted online at the Sports Industry Support website (spobiz.kspo.or.kr) under the heading, “Support Project Announcement.


Selected companies will receive customized business incubation including sports-AI/Big Data convergence technology startup education, customer (market) verification, market development and investment support, along with an average of 30 million won (up to 45 million won) per company through the Entrepreneurship Center.


The Korea University Sejong Research & Business Foundation is operating the Startup Support Center, an organization dedicated to cultivating startup companies in the leap phase, and has built stable conditions for support by constantly looking for prospective startup companies in innovative growth fields, operating common/specialized programs, and providing follow-up support. Korea University's Sejong Sports Industry Entrepreneurship Center incubated a total of 13 startup companies last year, and achieved total sales of approximately 10.3 billion won, the creation of and hiring for 42 new jobs, and a total investment of 6 billion won.


Through this project, startup technology companies in the sports industry displayed outstanding performances. QMIT Co., Ltd. started the application program, ‘Peulco,’ which manages physical information such as the physical condition and injuries of athletes, and was selected as the “Best Sports Company of the Year 2020” by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Ewha Networks Co., Ltd. received a commendation from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy for the 2020 innovative home appliance at the '2020 Korea Electronics Show.’ The Raycio Limited Liability Company won the grand prize at the “15th Digital Innovations of 2020” hosted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Communication.


Kim Jae-won, head of the Sports Industry Entrepreneurship Center, said, "This year, we will discover startup companies with innovative technology in various fields such as ICT-Sports Convergence, health care, or E-Sports to support business advancement and customized growth programs."


Director Jeong of the Sejong Research & Business Foundation said, “I look forward to Korea University Sejong Campus leading the demand for startups based on sports and industries in the Chungcheong province as a specialized convergence campus that fosters creative talent for the Fourth Industrial Revolution through global research capabilities, and that it is eventually reborn as a hub for sports startups through ICT convergence in connection with industry-academia research complexes within the region.”


KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Translator: Seyeon Chung

Editor: Conrad Brubacher

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