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Korea University Sejong Campus Gives Out 4th Proud Kodae Sejong-...

  • 2021-03-24
  • 홍보기금팀
  • HIT167
Korea University Sejong Campus Gives Out 4th Proud Kodae Sejong-...게시물의 첨부이미지


Korea University Sejong Campus Gives Out 4th Proud Kodae Sejong-in Awards


Last February 19, Korea University Sejong Campus held the 4th Proud Kodae Sejong-in (Korean University Sejong Campus Member) Award ceremony at the Culture and Sports Building. Since 2017, the ‘Proud Kodae Sejong-in Award’ has been given out to express gratitude for contributions made towards developing the Sejong Campus and raising its status at all levels of society. Numerous guests participated in the event including Vice President Kim Young, the Korea University Alumni Association’s class of ‘90, and the family of Kim Seyoung, a professional golfer and former student from Social Physical Education.


The 4th Proud Kodae Sejong-in Award was jointly presented to the Korea University Alumni Association’s class of ‘90 and Kim Seyoung. The Alumni Association donated fifty million won to the development fund of Korea University Sejong Campus in 2020, which was made more meaningful due to the donation being made jointly with Seoul Campus students. In addition, they were awarded and acknowledged for performing the role of a bridge between the Sejong Campus and the alumni with their continuous interest in and affection for their alma mater. “When I visited the Sejong Campus, the changes were extremely impressive. Myself, and the friends that were with me at the time, made the decision to donate to the development fund because we were inspired by the warmth of the school members and how they felt about the school,” said Choi Changkyu, president of the Korea University Alumni Association’s class of ‘90.


Kim won five golf tournaments in 2014, including a major, after she qualified for full membership on the KLPGA tour. She has since won twelve tournaments in the US as well after joining the LPGA tour in 2015, one of them also a major. She received the Proud Kodae Sejong-in Award as a result of her contributions to the honor of the school not just domestically but on the world stage as well. As Kim was unable to attend owing to her overseas golf activities, her family instead took part in the ceremony and stated their feelings about her having received the award. “It is our sincerest opinion that Kim was able to soar thanks to the enthusiastic support of the school members. We will encourage her to continue her winning ways by embodying the energy of the tiger, the symbol of Korea University.”


Vice President Kim, who was in charge of handing out the award and hosting the ceremonial meal, expressed his appreciation for the recipients, saying, “A large number of people are taking an interest in the Sejong Campus and have helped to improve the status of the school. Owing to their efforts, the opinions of the school members and the outside perspectives of others are changing in regards to our school, just like Sejong City, the new metropolitan city in the center of the country, is changing.”  


KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Student Reporter: Kim Hyewon

Photographer: Kwon Yeonwoo

Translator: Yang Hayoung

Editor: Conrad Brubacher

Attached file