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Korea University Women’s Soccer Club Wins 29th Yeowangki Nationa...

  • 2021-07-29
  • 홍보기금팀
  • HIT193
Korea University Women’s Soccer Club Wins 29th Yeowangki Nationa...게시물의 첨부이미지

*Photo: Korea University Women’s Soccer Club after beating Sehan University 8-0 (provided by SPORTS KU)

Korea University Women’s Soccer Club Wins 29th Yeowangki National Women’s Football Championship


The Korea University Women’s Soccer Club won their fifth-round match in the university division of the 29th Yeowangki National Women’s Football Championship held in the Samcheok Complex Sports Park in Samcheok, Gangwon-do.


After the women’s team won their match with Gangwon Provincial College by a score of 3-2 on June 9, through the head-to-head rule, it was earlier decided that they had won the title, eventually completing their tournament victory following a lopsided 8-0 win over Sehan University in the final match on June 11.


This is not the first time the Women’s Soccer Club has emerged victorious at the Yeowangki National Women’s Football Championship. At the 28th championship held last year, the team won all six matches of the tournament, with the sixth and final win coming against Sehan University by a score of 4-0 and losing no points in the process.  


Beginning with their victory at the Yeowangki National Women’s Football Championship in 2019, the team’s dominance over the last three years has shown that they are the team to beat in university women’s football.  


After the Yeowangki tournament, in a telephone interview with the campus, Head Coach Go Hyunho said, “The win was the result of the players enduring difficulties and continuing to make effort despite the physical nature of the matches.” He added, “They might have been left with some regret because of finishing second in the first competition of the year, but I hope that they put that behind them and focus on the next tournament.”  


Asked about the decisive factors which led to victory in this tournament, he explained, “The teams that participated in the previous matches were well-prepared to face us. We also felt that, so we made some necessary adjustments. I think we were able to win because the adjustments allowed us to respond in a way that took away the other team’s strengths.”


He further conveyed that, “I think that enjoying the spirit of competition rather than letting the pressure get to them really lets their abilities shine through, and I will do my best to continue our winning ways in the next tournament.”  


“The win was definitely a team effort,” said Yoon Hyein, a captain of the team and student from the Division of Global Sport Studies. Yoon said, “After the first game of 2021, I got to know our shortcomings, but we were able to overcome them with our preparation and walked away with the win in this tournament.”


Asked about the secret to running the table in the tournament, Yoon said, “We basically sealed the championship after winning the fifth match, but we did our best in spite of the victory already being decided.” She added, “The win was the result of our mental attitude and trying our best.”


Regarding the future plan for the team, Yoon said, “As it gets hotter, our physical preparation needs to ramp up.” She added, “Our opponents must have analyzed our performance in this game, but we hope to be one step ahead of their analysis.”  


Lastly, asked about her personal goals, she expressed her ambition, saying, “I will make efforts to continue our forward progress. Three tournaments remain this year and I aim to win all of them.”  


The results in the university division of the 29th Yeowangki National Women’s Football Championship are as follows:

Vs. Ulsan College 3-2 win

Vs. Daeduk College 3-0 win

Vs. Kookje College 5-0 win

Vs. Daeduk College 1-0 win

Vs. Kangwon National University 3-2 win (Confirmed victory on points)

Vs. Sehan University 8-0 win


KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Photographer: provided by SPORTS KU

Translator: Yang Hayoung

Editor: Conrad Brubacher

Attached file