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Korea University Sejong Campus Hosts ‘2nd Sejong Research and Bu...

  • 2024-01-30
  • 홍보기금팀
  • HIT128
Korea University Sejong Campus Hosts ‘2nd Sejong Research and Bu...게시물의 첨부이미지


Korea University Sejong Campus Hosts ‘2nd Sejong Research and Business Innovation Forum’  

On December 19, Korea University Sejong Campus jointly organized the ‘2nd Sejong Research and Business Innovation Forum’ together with the Sejong LINC 3.0 Foundation and the DSC Autonomous Driving System Project Team.


The forum was attended by approximately 250 participants, including Lee Seungwon, deputy mayor of Sejong City's Economic Affairs; Yang Hyeonbong, director of Sejong Techno Park; Sejong City officials; CEOs and employees of partner companies; officials from the Ministry of Education; and researchers from national research institutes located in Sejong City.

In the first segment of the event, discussions revolved around policies and directions to promote research and business, encompassing the establishment of the RISE framework and the foundation of glocal projects. The seminar provided an opportunity for stakeholders from Sejong City's industry, university, research, and government sectors to discuss strategies for mutual growth based on regional innovation.



Vice President Kim Young of Korea University Sejong Campus stressed, "We are currently in the era of mutual growth between the region and the university, and in the pursuit of Sejong City’s regional innovation strategies, stakeholders have come together from Sejong City’s innovation institutions, as well as researchers from the Ministry of Education and national research institutes." He further highlighted, “Sejong Campus will strive to take on the challenge of becoming part of the 'Glocal University 30' project next year and actively prepare for the 'RISE' as a university centered on balanced national development and regional innovation. We are also gearing up for the occupation of Sejong City’s Joint Campus in the near future.”

The second session of the event focused on discussions related to activating the partner company system. Prior to the event, Vice President Kim awarded plaques of merit to five representatives of partner companies, including Park Sanghyuk, chairman of the Sejong Community Chest. Geotwo Co., a company associated with the school, presented on 'Location Tracking Technology for Rescue Requesters,' during which measures were proposed to ensure the safety of women, children, and the elderly in line with Sejong City's ongoing policymaking efforts. Subsequently, I Scream Edu suggested the ‘Policy Direction for AI Future Education for Preschool and Elementary Education in Sejong City,’ offering policy recommendations for the future of digital education in Sejong City.



In the latter half of the second session, Yang Hyeonbong, director of Sejong Techno Park, delivered a presentation on ‘Strategies for Nurturing Future Strategic Industries in Sejong City.’ Following this, mediated by Jo Chungho, director of the DSC Autonomous Driving System Project Team, a discussion was held on ‘Collaborative Strategies for Research and Business in Sejong City,’ where various innovation institutions discussed ways to address challenges faced by local companies, foster human resources aligned with regional industrial needs, improve living conditions in Sejong City, and promote regional revitalization.


Mayor Lee stated, "This forum is being held at a very opportune time, as evinced by the considerable interest and participation from officials in Sejong City." He further remarked, "We are fully aware of the significance of the projects that Korea University Sejong Campus is giving priority to, especially in terms of innovation in the Sejong City region."





KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Translator: Choi Jeongwon

Editor: Conrad Brubacher

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