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[2/9 Update] Korea University Guidelines for COVID-19

  • 2022-05-29
  • 홍보기금팀
  • HIT1412

COVID-19(Prevention & Control)


[2/9 Update] Korea University Guidelines for COVID-19


I. Notes on attending offline classes

 1. Follow step-by-step guidelines for social distancing: personal distancing, temperature check, mandatory wearing of masks, ban on private gatherings of more than 7 people


 2. Before going to class: If you have symptoms (fever above 37.5℃ and respiratory symptoms)

   1) Do not attend school and please visit a screening clinic to get tested

   2) Report the test results to the university administration office or the school health center at 044-860-1038 (foreign students call 044-860-1667) by phone

   3) Suspension of school attendance until test results are confirmed

   4) If a fever of 37.5°C or higher and respiratory symptoms persist or worsen, revisit the screening clinic for examination


 3. During and after entering campus building

   1) Temperature check upon entrance

   2) Wear a mask when entering the building and present your student ID: Wearing a mask is mandatory for all students in the classroom

   3) Minimize personal contact, go straight home after class ends

   4) If you have symptoms during class, check the clinical symptoms in a separate room and visit a screening clinic for examination


II. Situational Guidelines Related to School Attendance (commuting)

  1. If a person has received positive results and has been instructed to quarantine by the authorities

   - Suspend school (commuting) for 7 days regardless of vaccination


  2. If the person is being treated at home after being designated as a person who has been in close contact with a patient by the quarantine authorities or a person living with them has been confirmed

   - ‘Those who have completed inoculation (those who have completed their 3rd inoculation or those who have passed 14 to 90 days after their 2nd inoculation)’ may attend school (with manual monitoring).

   - Those who have not completed vaccination should stop attending school or commuting for 7 days and self-quarantine (They must take a PCR test before isolation and monitoring).


  3. If the person living with you is designated as a close contact by the quarantine authorities

    - You may attend school (including commuting) without a separate quarantine period

    - You must conduct rapid antigen testing on the day of designation and on the 6th and 7th days.


Information on Changes to Building Access Management (effective date: March 1, 2022)

 Korea University Sejong Campus has established external visitor access management since the outbreak of COVID-19 so that all visitors must check their temperature - attach a paper-weight confirmation sticker - tag your ID card before entering.

 However, we would like to implement the following changes to the campus building access management to accommodate the prolonged pandemic and simplification of government quarantine guidelines.


- Changes -


  1. Details: Information on revisions to building access management

  2. Reason: Changed building access management due to prolonged COVID-19 and simplified government quarantine guidelines

  3. Revision plan

    A) Before change: Temperature check – Attach confirmation sticker – Tag Student ID (external visitors fill out a form) - Enter the building

    B) After change: Enter the building after self-temperature check

  4. Miscellaneous

    A) Temperature check is carried out by the person entering the building without a work scholarship student

    B) Instead of attaching a confirmation sticker, enter after self-temperature check in all entrances and exits.

    C) ID tags (outsiders write a list) have been suspended as the Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters announces 'temporary suspension of mandatory entry list measures'

  5. Effective Date: March 1, 2022


February 23, 2022

- Student Welfare Team -


Contact school office and file a report when a confirmed case occurs on campus (filled out by the confirmed person)_Enforcement date: From March 16, 2022


Due to the current rapid increase in the number of confirmed cases with the spread of Omicron mutation, quarantine authorities are focusing on managing people who have come in contact with confirmed cases.


Therefore, when there is a confirmed case on campus, please fill out the report form attached below and submit it to your department (or faculty division).


* Effective Date: From March 16, 2022


March 15, 2022

Student Welfare Team